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The spread of English as a global language has stirred a debate about whether English
programs should prepare students to learn English from the Global Englishes perspective.
This research-informed paper offers a review of the literature on the importance of linguistic
diversity and innovative English language teaching practices that integrate the Global
Englishes perspective into academic teaching. While being engaged in thought-provoking
reflection, the readers will gain an understanding of the critical aspects of promoting Global
Englishes in the classroom and be encouraged to consider their experiences and views.


Global Englishes, academic teaching, linguistic diversity

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Sańczyk-Cruz, A. (2023) “GLOBAL ENGLISHES IN LANGUAGE TEACHING A REFLECTION ON CURRENT TRENDS IN HIGHER EDUCATION”, Linguodidactica, 27. Available at: (Accessed: 16 July 2024).

Anna Sańczyk-Cruz 
Uniwersytet w Białymstoku