Christine Martinez

Uniwersytet Warszawski


The intention of persuasion in advertising discourse is obvious. This article proposes an analysis
of brand names, product names and slogans in a very trendy field – cosmetics and ecological,
or so-called ecological products. Persuasive intentions such as positioning, making
believe and making do are presented therein and used to provoke a desire and fill a need.
The components will be analysed according to the research of linguists such as Charaudeau,
Navarro Dom´ınguez, Pachocińska, Prak-Derrington, and Searle. The expected results
will prove that intention uses not only psychological but also linguistic manipulations in order
to attract consumers.


ecological discourse, intentionality, persuasion, positioning, advertising

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Martinez, C. (2023) “LINTENTIONNALITE DANS LE DISCOURS PUBLICITAIRE DES PRODUITS DITS ´ECOLOGIQUES”, Linguodidactica, 27. Available at: (Accessed: 16 July 2024).

Christine Martinez 
Uniwersytet Warszawski